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2001-2002 Sermons
from King of Peace

The links below lead to either a .MP3 file or the full text of sermons delivered at King of Peace by the Rev. Frank Logue in the church year 2001-2002. Sermons at the top of the list are more recent. The current year's sermons are also online.

Groundbreaking Thoughts
A sermon on the occasion of King of Peace breaking ground on a new church. If the building is for church members only, we would be better off praying for God to strike us dead by lightning on the way to the site as we would be committing a sacrilege. November 24, 2002.

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Reorienting Your Life
Learning to give thanks in all circumstances requires reorienting your life toward God. (sound file available on request via email.)
November 17, 2002.

Grieving with Hope
The letter to the Thessalonians makes it sound like Jesus is coming back any moment. It's been almost 2000 years and he's not back yet. Now what?
You may also listen to this sermon in either 8-bit audio (faster download) or 16-bit audio (better sound quality). November 10, 2002.

The Pause Before the Storm
What are we to make of the Book of Revelation? Find out what the value of Revelation is even if you don't have the secret to unlock the code behind the vision. This sermon was given at the annual service of the historic Burnt Fort Chapel. November 3, 2002.

Becoming Like God
Paul holds out an impossibly high standard for the Thessalonian Christians. Does he exaggerate, or really expect perfection? The link above leads to a web page with the text of the sermon, which is also available in 8-bit audio (faster download) or 16-bit audio (higher quality sound). November 3, 2002.

Windows into Heaven
Saints are not to be worshipped, but their lives do serve as icons through which we can see Jesus. November 1, 2002.

Driven by the Word
Get a glimpse at what Christianity was like in the year 51 through the oldest Christian writing. The link above leads to a web page with the text of the sermon, which is also available in 8-bit audio (faster download) or 16-bit audio (higher quality sound). October 27, 2002.

The Life That Is Good
More salary, a bigger house and better car might not make you any happier. We find in the most ancient Christian text a better list of pursuits if we want to live well. The link above goes to an 8-bit .MP3 file, those with a faster connection may prefer the 16-bit version. October 20, 2002.

The Gospel of Whatever
This is a .MP3 audio file of the sermon (the ones below are text files). This sermon includes a reading of the book, The Old Woman Who Lived in the Vinegar Bottle, which is copyright 1995 by Margaret Read McDonald (Little Rock, AR: August House). October 13, 2002.

Singing a Different Song
Compromise comes easy at first. A slight change of values here, another change there and soon you are singing a different song. October 6, 2002.

TLJT—Think Like Jesus Thinks
Paul challenged the Christians in Philippi to do what Jesus did by thinking like Jesus thinks. September 29, 2002.

One Long Day in the Vineyard
Jesus' parable of worker's in the vineyard is bad advice for employers at best. What's really going on in vineyard? September 22, 2002.

Losing Your Life to Find It
The true story of Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry, prisoners of the Taliban government, offer an example of what it looks like to live a life transformed by Jesus call to lose your life to find it. September 1, 2002.

Try a Heavenly Perspective
The Prophet Isaiah wrote that all who live on earth will die like gnats, but read on because there is some great news in this seemingly depressing bit of poetry. August 25, 2002.

Faith to Make it Through Life's Storms
Life will throw it's worst at you sometimes. Here is how faith can help you weather the storm. August 18, 2002.

Deliverance Belongs to the Lord
The Book of Jonah is more than a whale of a tale. It's the story of an "unprophet" who learns that no one is beyond God's love. August 11, 2002.

Nothing Can Separate You from God's Love
There is nothing today or in all your tomorrow's that can separate you from God's love. August 4, 2002.

Abba, Father
Revealing the hero's secret identity is a part of many great works of literature. It also applies to your own life story. July 14, 2002.

Small Things Done with Great Love
Jesus said giving even a cup of cold water could bring with it eternal reward. June 30, 2002.

I Am Part of Your World
Who you are begins and ends with God, otherwise you a giving the "god spot" in you life to something else. June 16, 2002.

A Verse That Changed History
Think God is a big meanie hell-bent on punishing you? Think again. June 2, 2002.

The Only Plan
After Jesus ascended to heaven, the only way for the Good News to spread was through the fisherman, tax collector, and the other disciples. It's still the only plan. May 10, 2002.

Thoroughly Postmodern Paul
When Nietzsche declared "God is Dead," he wasn't completely wrong. May 5, 2002.

Untroubled Hearts in a Sea of Uncertainty
What does the good news of Jesus have to say to those times in ours lives when everything seems to be out of control? April 28, 2002.

Ordering Our Lives for Mission
The story of how the early Christians soloved their first big church disagreement reveals a lot about how churches should operate today. Warning: You might be part of the solution. April 21, 2002.

Finding Emmaus
Emmaus is the place where we meet the risen Lord. So where can we find Emmaus? April 14, 2002.

Yes Lord, I Believe
The sermon from the memorial service for Hulda Kelly, given by her grandson-in-law, the Rev. Frank Logue. April 6, 2002.

Life and Love Redefined
Jesus redefined life and love with his death on the cross. This is a Good Friday sermon from King of Peace. March 29, 2002.

The Most Obeyed Commandment
During The Last Supper, Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of me." But what exactly are we to do when and why? This is a Maundy Thursday sermon from King of Peace. March 28, 2002.

See Yourself as God Sees You
The woman at the well avoided other people, and perhaps saw herself as insignificant. That's not what Jesus saw. We too can learn to see ourselves as God sees us. March 3, 2002.

You Must Be Born From Above
A Jewish leaders night visit with Jesus reveals how it is God's action, not ours that matters most in salvation. February 24, 2002.

Choosing to Lose Paradise
As a test case, Eve and her quietly consenting husband Adam show that given everything they could ever need, humans would still choose to disobey. Their story also shows that though bad choices have consequences, that is not the whole story. February 17, 2002.

The Darkness of God
God is often referred to as light in scripture, but there are also other scriptures that speak of the darkness of God and they too should be heard. February 10, 2002.

Holy Foolishness
There is a centuries long tradition of Holy Fools who challenge any attempt at being holier than thou or self righteous. February 3, 2002.

It's Me and You God
God is all knowing and ever present, but is that just to keep tabs on us? Is God just hanging around 24/7/365 making a list of what we do that’s bad or good? January 27, 2002.

Come and See
The Rev. Jeunée Cunningham preached on Jesus invitation to Come and See. It's an invitation to draw deeper into a relationship with him. January 20, 2002.

God's Great Do Over
Jesus' baptism in the Jordan River is so familiar that we may think we have heard it all before. But there are echoes of earlier stories within this story that help us better see what the Trinity was doing that day at the river. January 13, 2002.

The Journey of the Magi
T.S. Eliot's poem of the wise men and the Gospel story itself point to seeking Christ as an ongoing spiritual journey. January 6, 2002.

Grace Upon Grace
What in the world is grace and what's so amazing about it anyway. December 30, 2001.

The Gospel of Mega Joy
The angel promised the shepherds they would find mega joy. God wants to take our mega fear and replace it with mega joy. Christmas Eve, 2001.

Our Whole Trust
Jesus' stepdad Joseph is often a forgotten character in Christmas stories, relegated to the background. But, it is Joseph (as well as Mary's) trust in God that set the Christmas story in motion. December 23, 2001.

Looking with the Eyes of Your Heart
The story of The Little Prince helps interpret John the Baptist's questioning whether Jesus is the real Messiah. What is essential is invisible to the eyes. December 16, 2001.

A Voice from the Wilderness
John the Baptist must have come to the right place and time, because his methods and his message wouldn't make it today. December 09, 2001.

I Hope We All Are Ready
Jesus' teaching on the end of times is clear. If we don't get lost in all the apocolyptic hype, we can be well prepared for the second coming of Jesus. December 2, 2001.

Frank also writes a religion column for the local newspaper. The full text of those columns is found here online: Tribune & Georgian religion columns


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