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King of Peace Sermons
December 2000- through November 2001

Click on a link to read the full text of a sermon. The sermons below are from the entire church year starting Advent 2000 and going through Christ the King Sunday 2001 (with a few extras at the bottom) The oldest sermons at the bottom and most recent at the top of this page. Current King of Peace sermons are also online.

Who Is Jesus?
There are reasons for our faith. You are the jury as the case for Christ is presented in this sermon.

United in Resurrection
Sermon from the memorial service for Jayne Bell.

Whose Child Are You?
Eternal life comes not from how many descendants you have, but through knowing whose child you are.

With the Eyes of Our Heart Enlightened
We are all already saints as much as the great saints of the past are. We will likely never be memorialized in stained glass, but we are already etched on God’s heart as God is on our own hearts.

Persistent Prayer and the Silence of God
Why do we have to pray all the time? Why can't God just know what we want?

Faithfulness to the Vision
The little book of Habakkuk adds a lot to our understanding of God's justice. Haven't heard of it? Maybe that's because what Habakkuk has to teach is not an easy truth.

Shall the Land Not Tremble
Our market-driven culture's endless pursuit of prosperity comes with a price tag, perhaps a price larger than we are willing to pay.

Sacred Cows and Golden Calves
Is God not acting the way you want God to act? It's not God that needs to change, but your idea of who God is and how God acts they may need some changing to let the true God in.

Thinking Theologically
What do the things we read, see and experience tell us about God?

A Stranger Kind of Love
We are told not to neglect to show hospitality to strangers. But didn't our Mamas teach us not to talk to strangers? How can we go around sharing hospitality with all the folks we have yet to meet?

Sinai, Zion, and Calvary
Three mountains represent our approach to God. On each mountain, people find an awe-full encounter with the Holy God.

God's Peace Is No Peace
The church is named King of Peace for Jesus, and yet Jesus says in Luke's Gospel that he came not to bring peace, but rather division. What's wrong with this picture?

Where Your Treasure Is...
Kids are going back to school, so like it or not, the busy Fall season is underway (even if we really have another month of summer). That means it is time for a good old-fashioned stewardship sermon—not!

Blessed and Depressed
The Book of Ecclesiastes is a cynical little book tucked away in the Bible. How did the writer ever get away with calling life meaningless and still get in the Good Book?

Choosing the Better Part
What's the meaning of life? It's just one thing, but you have to decide what the one thing will be. If that sounds like the movie City Slickers, it should, but it's also in the Bible.

The Nearest Neighbor
You've probably heard the story of the Good Samaritan, but there's more to this little story than first meets the eye. That "love thy neighbor thing" can really stink sometimes.

Shake Off the Dust
A story about living out the Gospel stories as if they were true.

Male and Female No More
In Christ the old divisions are broken down. The Apostle Paul wrote that we are no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. Does this change anything?

When Your'e on the Wrong Road Go the Other Way
David had Urriah killed in order to marry Bathsheba. Is this how a king after God's own heart acts?

So the World May Know
Want to know what's on God's own heart? Listen to what Jesus prays for. What would the world be like if we actually lived out Jesus' prayer?

Trust in God
This is a funeral sermon for Joel Benjamin Campbell, Frank Logue's 23-year old godson (and brother-in-law).

The Easiest Commandment
Jesus told his disciples, "I give you a new commandment, that you love one another." After telling them to love their enemies, telling his disciples to love one another sounds like giving them the easiest commandment of all, or is it?

Back to Basics
What is the basic Gospel message? Getting back to basics is often a good idea. But what are the basics of “doing church?” Before we got all the denominations, all the ceremony, or even all the hypocrisy of church, what was Christianity all about?

From Doubt to Shalom
How would you like to be remembered for all time as Doubting Thomas? Just the same, doubts are a sign of an active faith.

How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
This sermon was for the consecration of a new church building for St. Margaret's of Scotland in Moultrie, Georgia.

He is here. He is Risen!
The empty tomb of Easter morning is not good news in and of itself. In fact, an empty tomb can be confusing. You have to know where the body went and why before it makes any sense.

The Next to the Last Supper
The Last Supper, Jesus last meal with his disciples, was a Passover seder. Looking at the Jewish Passover seder gives insight into the Christian Communion.

What Language Does God Speak?
An East African tale takes us to the foot of the cross on Palm Sunday.

Dying to Win the Prize
The Apostle Paul seemed to want to die for his faith. This sermon takes a peek at the process of writing a sermon while searching for the meaning of Paul's curious desire.

Mission Impossible
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to reconcile the world to Christ. Your team for the mission is made up of baptized believers around the world. This tape will self destruct in five seconds....

Soaking in Salvation Springs
A meditation on water for the clergy of the Diocese of Georgia for the occasion of the clergy day of preparation for Easter.

The Bad News According to Jesus Christ
There is more than enough bad news to go around. Where is our all-powerful, all loving God when bad things are happening to good people?

Citizen Paul
Roman citizenship shaped Paul's life and ministry, but he considered being a citizen of heaven more important. Citizenship in heaven was not a future reality to hope for for Paul, but something to live out now.

The Mountaintop Experience
Jesus took Peter, James, and John on a mountain to pray. It was a transformational experience that his disciples would not understand until after Jesus' death and resurrection.

Love, Do Good, Bless, and Pray
The Golden Rule is so unoriginal that its hard to tell who first said that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Jesus uses that rule to tell us and then later to show us how to treat those who hate us.

As a Little Child
The prophet Jeremiah found out that even a child can be called by God to minister. We too need to be open to the ministry of children as well as ministry to children.

Bethlehem Star Baptized for Sin?
Why was Jesus, the Sinless One, baptized, when John said he was baptizing people for the forgiveness of sins?

Come Let Us Adore Him
The Adoration of the Magi is the name given to the visit of the Wise Men to the baby Jesus. But do we really want to be God's adoring fans like so many screaming teens pining after any popular music group from the Beatles to N'Sync?

Enkindle Our Hearts
Another Christmas has come and gone. Its time to put away all the dazzling Christmas lights and to blow out the Advent wreath and pack it all away until next year. Now what?

The Manger Revisited
Hear the Christmas Story as if for the first time.

Prescription for Peace
The Apostle Paul's prescription for how we can experience God's peace in our lives, even during the hectic pace of the week before Christmas.

A Particular Place and Time
Jesus came to one particular place and time. What does that have to do with us?

Apocalypse Now
Christians have been waiting for Jesus' return in glory for 2,000 years. Should we keep walking around keeping an eye on the sky?

Sermons preached at other churches before King of Peace worship started

What are you going to do about it?
Jesus' half brother James writes that we are to be doers of the word and not just hearers. Otherwise, we are only deceiving ourselves. Preached at St. Athanasius Episcopal Church in Brunswick, Georgia.

Making the Common Holy
Jesus disciples get caught without washing their hands before they eat. What does that have to do with me today? Preached at Trinity Episcopal Church in Statesboro, Georgia.

Local Boy Does Good
Jesus goes home to Nazareth and finds himself not welcome. What's the good news for us if Jesus of Nazareth is no longer welcome in Nazareth. Preached at St. Athanasius Episcopal Church in Brunswick, Georgia.


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