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Who is behind this thing?

King of Peace is sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. As a part of the Episcopal Church, King of Peace is also part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, with 70 million members in countries circling the globe. The Anglican Communion began with the Church of England, but has spread well beyond its English roots. The typical Anglican today is African or South American rather than an Anglo-Saxon as the name implies. Anglicans around the globe hold the traditional faith of Christians through the ages. We emphasize the mystery of encountering God in worship.

King of Peace began with the vision of offering spiritual seekers in the Kingsland area a safe place to come, ask questions, and find out more about building a relationship with God. The Rev. Frank Logue arrived in Camden County at the end of May 2000 and began work that June 1 to find people interested in forming a new community of faith.

King of Peace is not a place for people with all the answers. King of Peace is a group of people experiencing Christian worship as a community, studying the Bible for its relevance to their lives, and along the way, learning together how to build stronger marriages and families.

The new church began with just three people—the pastor, his wife, Victoria, and their daughter, Griffin. About 150 people take part each Sunday in the worship of King of Peace.

You can see our leadership team online, which includes our Bishop, Pastor and assistants, deacon our church board and more.

To find out more, see our What? page for what we believe and the Why? page for King of Peace's values or take a peek inside King of Peace at our online scrapbook.


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