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Jason White leads the procession

Palm Sunday 2005

Sunday, March 20 was Palm Sunday. We began the service in front of the entrance to The Preschool with a reading of the palm Gospel which tells of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Then we processed into the church singing "Blessing on the King." Once inside, we read of Jesus Passion and death on the cross and continued with communion. Click on any picture below to see a larger version of the photo. The Palm Sunday sermon is here online. There is also a related entry in King of Peace's web log. The rest of our Holy Week 2005 photos are here.

Front of the church at the beginning of the service   The beginning of our worship service

Congregation in front of the church building   127 people worshipped together at King of Peace on Palm Sunday 2005   worship outside     

Palm Sunday procession at King of Peace   Palm Sunday procession at King of Peace   Processing into the church  

Processing into the church   Processing into the church building   Processing into the church  

Palm branches on the floor in the entry hall   Palm branches in the doorway   brittany   Carl and Teri

Worshipping inside   Janet reads the Old Testament lesson   Rob reads the Epistle

Freddie and Enree and our other musicians in the procession   Freddie sings Via De La Rosa   musicians

Worshipping inside   Preparing the altar   Logan gives out the offering baskets

Going out for worship   The congregation goes outside for the beginning of the worship service   The thurible is used for burning incense on particularly special days           

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