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Holy Week 2005

We held services daily in Holy Week at 7 p.m. Below are photos from some of the vents of Holy Week 2005 at King of Peace. Photos of more recent events are at the top of the page. Click and photo below to see a larger version of the picture. Palm Sunday photos are online here. Easter Sunday photos are online here.

The Great Vigil of Easter

In ancient times, the most holy worship service of the church year was the Great Vigil of Easter, which lasted from sundown on Saturday until sunrise on Easter Sunday morning. During the night scripture would be read to retell the stories of our faith. With the morning light, baptisms and finally communion would take place. On Saturday, March 26, we joined with Christ Church, St. Marys and St. Marks, Woodbine for a much briefer  Easter Vigil with our Bishop, Henry Louttit. The most noticeable features are the kindling of new fire (impressively set up to light quickly and grow rapidly by our scoutmasters) and the gathering in the entry hall to read the Old Testament readings of creation and crossing the Red Sea by candlelight.

By the new fire   Coming out to begin the service   Gathered by the new fire
kindling new fire

New Fire   New Fire   the blurred photo makes this impressive

gathered around the baptismal font in the entry hall   Linda follows the service by candlelight   Gathered around the baptismal font in the entry hall
reading scripture by candlelight gathered by the baptismal font in the entry hall

Priest Deacon and Bishop

fellowship before the vigil   our entry hall made ready for the vigil   the sanctuary setup for the vigil
the entry hall and sanctuary setup before the Vigil

twilight as we gather for the service

Maundy Thursday

Named from the Latin word Maundatum, meaning "commandment," Maundy Thursday is called that as on that night Jesus said, "I give you a new commandment that you love one another." We began at 6 p.m. with an Agape Meal of soup, bread, wine, cheese, and olives. At 7 p.m., our communion service included an opportunity for footwashing.

Footwashing   foot washing

Foot washing   Foot washing

An Agape meal preceded the worship service on Thursday   Martha serves soup for the Agape meal   Michele and Linda

Agape Meal   talking during dinner   Agape meal

Agape meal   Catherine   an overview of the Agape Meal

Agape Meal   serving soup   Lentil Soup

walking over palm Sunday's branches on Thursday   Full moon   coming in

Holy Wednesday

Wednesday was marked with a Tenebrae service. Tenebrae, named for the Latin word for "shadows," was a medieval Holy Week worship service whose main feature is reading from Lamentations and the Psalms accompanied by diminishing the number of candles lit after each reading, until only one remains, representing Christ. Jim Ferguson sang four short pieces from Handel's Messiah, which were some of our readings put to song.

Jim singing      Jim's solo
Jim Ferguson singing his solo.

Palm Sunday photos are online here.

Easter Sunday photos are online here.

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