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Passover Seder

On the evening of April 24, 2005 King of Peace held a congregational Passover Seder for a group which included Jews as well as Christians. The Passover celebrates God bringing the Children of Israel out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses. It is a central act of remembrance in the Jewish year and the event that lies immediately behind Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples and Christian Communion.

Getting passover food beneath a painting of The Last Supper   negotiating ransom for the afikomen   negotiating over the return of the afikomen   Getting food

During the Seder   One of two hand washings in the seder   wine blessing  

Colby   During the Seder   The Hodge family   Janet and Gil

   JoAnn and others waiting in line   waiting in line   The buffet

   Celeste and Brenda   the food buffet   the food line forming at the buffet

Birgit and Sarah      James   Ben chows down

Marlene and daughter   Kalyn, Griffin and Lizzie   Stilson and Hodge families

The head table at the start of the seder   during the seder   Gina and Miriam

   The Donald Family   Everyone arrives

checking for Elijah   Miriam flits about checking for Elijah   During the Seder

Andrew and Michele   Robin D-Ray   Getting things set in the kitchen

Colby and Georgia   Jim   JoAnn

Griffin and Lizzie   Seder plate with non-traditional orange   The Head Table

All is set for the Seder


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