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Lent and Holy Week 2006

Below are photos from some of the events of Lent and Holy Week 2006 at King of Peace. Photos of more recent events are at the top of the page. Easter 2006 photos are online here. Click and photo below to see a larger version of the picture.

The Great Vigil of Easter

On Saturday, April 15, we closed out the season of Lent with the first service of Easter, the great vigil. We began in the gathering darkness with kindling a new fire to use in lighting the Paschal (or Easter) candle signifying the light of Christ coming back into the world with the resurrection. By the light of our own candles lit from that one light, we read stories from the Old Testament and reaffirmed our baptismal vows before moving into the sanctuary to continue with Easter readings a sermon and communion.

Frank kindles the new fire (using steel wool and a 9-volt battery)   Lighting the Paschal candle   Frank lights the Paschal candle

With the Paschal candle lit, worship moves inside   Sharing the light   Worship continues by candlelight

Dick and Bob by candlelight   Worship in the entry hall   Geoff and Chris

Chris   Last we moved our worship into the sanctuary   looking into the sanctuary

This cross was created by the Frog Class at The Preschool   Altar flowers   a banner created during Kids in the Kingdom


Good Friday

Altar on Good Friday

We held our Good Friday worship together with Christ Episcopal Church in St. Marys with the 12 noon service at King of Peace and the 7 p.m. service at Christ Church. We also offered a 1 p.m. Stations of the Cross on the trail in our woods and the labyrinth was available for prayer from 1-3 p.m. The photo above shows the altar with a crown of thorns on it for the Good Friday liturgy.

Maundy Thursday

Thursday in Holy Week is called Maundy Thursday from the Latin Maundatum, or commandment, for on that night of The Last Supper Jesus gave his disciples the commandment to love one another. He also gave them the example of washing their feet. Our Maundy Thursday worship was preceded by an Agape Meal, a simple soup supper. Then during the worship we offered a time for those in the congregation who wished to do so to take part in footwashing.

Griffin washes Frank's feet   Victoria washes JoAnn's feet

June washes Elaine's feet   June   Elaine washes June's feet

Victoria, Kenn and JoAnn   Victoria opens wine for the supper   Homemade Lentil soup

cross seen through palms and thorns


The Seder Plate

Passover Seder

April 12, was the Jewish Passover and King of Peace celebrated a joint Jewish-Christian service using the traditional Passover service of Jews.

Passover is the central act of remembrance of the Jewish year which remembers the Exodus experience as it looks forward to the coming of the Messiah.


Lisa, Dan and Philica Randolph helped lead the seder   Kenn   Fergusons and Logues

Colby   Freeman and Sherri   The Finkelsteins and the Grosses

Victoria      Philicia

The Head Table   The Seder

Waiting for food   The food buffet   The food buffet

Trying the matzah with maror   Celeste serves June wine   Lamb

   JoAnn with the Hudsons   Finkels and Duncans

Victoria and Philicia   Pam and Jim

    The processional cross with palms on it


Palm Sunday

On April 9, we began Holy Week with a traditional Palm Sunday service, which included a procession from outside to in the church with the congregation waving palm branches and singing as we remembered Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the week of his crucifixion. The service also included reading the Passion Gospel in parts so that nine readers took the parts of Jesus, Judas, Pilate, Peter and others as we read the story of Jesus' betrayal, trial and crucifixion.

The congregation as we began outdoors   Worship begins outside   Frank reads the Gospel account of Jesus entry into Jerusalem

The worship service began in front of the entrance to The Preschool   Worship begins outside   The congregation selects palm branches to carry

Griffin leads the procession   Griffin leads the procession with the cross   Musicians follow playing Blessings on the King

Palm Sunday procession   Palm Sunday procession   Palm Sunday procession

Palm Sunday procession   Palm Sunday procession   Palm Sunday procession   Scratching at sand gnats

Andrew drops his palm as he enters the church   Lauren looks at the palms as her mother leads her into worship   Palms on the floor of the hall

Palm branches line the floor of the entry hall   Thorn arrangement in front of our painting of The Last Supper   Palm and thorn arrangement

Children's Church   Children's Church   Children's Church

Jack and Lauren   Getting ready to take the offering   Max collects the offering

Kids sing The Lord's Prayer   The Children's Church group sings for the congregation

Talking after the service   After worship fellowship

waiting to go in to sing   Fellowship after the service   Elisa and Max speak with Ruth and Gina

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. We marked the day with three worship services held together with Christ Episcopal Church in Saint Marys. The ones at 6:30 a.m. and 12 noon were held at their church building, the one at 7 p.m. (pictured below) was held in ours. Though not pictured below our worship service included marking the sign of the cross in ash on the foreheads of those who came forward for the imposition of ashes. At King of Peace we also allow, as part of confession, an opportunity for sin burning. A smokeless fire (made of rubbing alcohol soaked rock salt) is lit and the congregation can consume to the flames whatever anyone wishes to write down on paper, leaving behind those things that separate us from God as we begin the season of preparation for Easter. Though confession of sins is a traditional part of Ash Wednesday, the "sing burning" is not. It was adapted from something done at a middle school retreat to be added to worship at King of Peace.

The Sin Burning     

the congregation exchanges the peace   Marian   Gray   Gil

Altar Guild straightens up after worship

Easter 2006 photos are online here.

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