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Burning of the Greens 2005

On Sunday, January 2, we celebrated the 12th Day of Christmas a little early with a burning of the greens on the church grounds.

Though there is no religious significance to burning the Christmas trees, it did give us a good excuse for a bonfire, oyster roast, low country boil (a mix of potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage and shrimp, boiled together), and a chance to enjoy one another's company. Thanks to Kenn Hodge for supplying some of the photos.


The fire at its peak with a dry Douglas Fir   James tossing a tree on the fire   watching the fire

   Barbara   Low country boil   Griffin and Kalyn   Rob and Matt

buffet   oyster table   eating inside

around the fire   flames  

Ellie, Georgia and JoAnn   inside the church  

Kitty, Georgia, JoAnn and Ellie   JoAnn, Rena and Menzer   Boy Scout leaders

Logan   Matt   Catherine and Griffin

Gil checks out his oysters   oyster   oyster shucking

oyster shucking area   McPhees   inside the church

Celeste   shuckingoysters   Kenn

            fire dying down   sparklers   sparklers

preparing to steam the oysters   steaming oysters   Girl Scouts lighting the fire


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