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King of Peace Building Project
Early progress

The building project started with pulling stumps the first of April 2003. The photos below cover the project through getting under roof in July. The most recent job progress photos are at Conceptual drawings of our new building, which was designed by David J. Hill, AIA, PC are also online To see the floor plan, click here. Click on any photo for a larger version of the picture.

aerial on June 27, 2003   Manablock plumbing panel   OSB going on on July 11   Mike's daughter visits him at work

The plumbing panel (at left) works similar to a circuit breaker for electricity.
In center, the OSB sheeting as of July 11. That plywood undercoat will be covered with tabby.
At right, Mike's daughter visits him at work as he takes a break from installing steel studs.

Orineted Structure Board going on the outside   One of the exterior windows  Unloading custom windows on July 9   custom windows stacked up in the sanctuary

On July 3, OSB starting going up on the exterior and a sample of our custom windows arrived.
The rest of the custom windows came on July 9.

installing steel studs   Sanctuary wall on June 26, 2003   chopping studs on July 1   Property as of June 27, 2003

Steel studs going in the sanctuary wall on June 26, 2003 and an aerial on June 27 (with property lines drawn in.)

The steeple went up on June 23, 2003   June 23, 2003   Griffin's photo of the steeple   Griffin's photo of the steeple on June 23, 2003

The steeple went up on June 23, 2003

preschool entrance as of June 21, 2003   Church entrance as of June 21, 2003   Church as of June 21, 2003

Agcomm started putting steel studs in the walls on June 17.
A few pieces remain to roof the church entrance (shown in the center and right hand photos above).

Roofing on June 5, 2003   Roofing on June 5, 2003   On the roof June 5, 2003

Thundershowers slowed, but did not stop roof progress and by June 5,
the last pieces were going on the main part of the building.

Roofing began on May 29, 2003   Roofing the building   Roofing the church   Roofing the building

The standing seam steel roof started going on May 29, 2003

aerial view on May 25, 2003   aerial view on May 25, 2003

Aerial views on May 25, 2003

steel frame as of May 24, 2003   steel frame as of May 24, 2003   steel frame for the church entrance   steel for the preschool's covered entrance

Though rain slowed the work May 19-24, most of the red iron was in place by that Friday.

Erecting the steel frame   Erecting the steel frame   Erecting the steel frame   Steel frame

Erecting the steel continues on May 15.

Preparing for concrete pour   Concrete Pour for church portico   Alphonso smoothing concrete

On morning of May 14, Cooper and Sons handled three additional concrete pours
for two drive under entrances and a back porch.

Steel worker   First rafters going up and in   Steel walkers

The first rafter went up on May 13.

First piece of steel going up   Standing Steel   Standing Steel   Standing Steel

Cooper and Sons began standing the steel on May 12.

Celeste and Victoria staining   Celeste and Griffin staining   Emily sweeping   Folks touring the building site after church on May 11

On May 9, volunteers stained the slab, the next day, we found the treatment did not take and cleaned up the aftermath.
Staining the concrete was a good idea that did not work.

Aerial photo on May 7, 2003   Aerial photo taken on May 7, 2003   Frank cleaning the slab Victoria in the heat

Aerial photos taken May 7, 2003 showing the slab in place with joints cut.
Then at right, Frank and Victoria cleaning the slab on May 9 for the stain.

Spreading concrete   Finishers working the concrete   Finishers working the slab

The slab gets poured and finished off on May 6.

Pier prepared for concrete   Blount Exterminators treating the foundation   First pour in the early morning light   Pouring the slab

Final prep on the slab and starting to pour on May 6.

Consulting on plans   Andy Collins cuts a trench for plumbing in the slab   Collins Plumbing working on sewage pipes   Kevin cutting pipe

Collins plumbing sorted out final details with Russell Underwood, who will do the septic (at left)
and then set to work on the plumbing on May 1.

Father Frank running the backhoe   Father Jim Parker running an excavator to move poles   Father Jim chains the guard rails for hauling off   Hauling off guard rails

Priests with toys—The Revs. Frank Logue and Jim Parker use equipment on the site
to clean up some trash left by the previous landowner on May 1.

Rusty Cooper prepares a template to hold the bolts   Creating rebar mats to go in the piers   Piers

On April 30, Cooper and Sons finished digging out the piers and cutting in the edge of the slab.
They also prepared the templates to hold the bolts and created the rebar mats to reinforce the concrete piers.

welding forms in place   Welding concrete form in place   Footer in the kitchen   preparing the monolithic slab and footers

On April 28, Cooper and Sons began welding concrete forms in place for the slab foundation
and on the 29th, they began cutting in the edge for the monolithic slab and the piers.

Aerial photo of site on April 24 2003   Aerial photo of the site on April 24 2003   Yellow line shows approximate property boundary

Thanks to Mike Helton, we have aerial photos of the site with the foundation at grade height on April 24.
The yellow line drawn in on the photo at right shows (approximately) the property boundaries for our 6.99 acres of land. In that third photo, the large complex to the left is Camden County High School.

Rolling the foundation   Rolling the foundation   Filling in the foundation   Gerald Myers dumps in more dirt for the foundation

With the site dried out from heavy rains, foundation work resumed April 21.

Jim delivering the cross for the top of the church   Praying for God's blessing on the steeple cross on Palm Sunday

The Rev. Jim Parker delivers the steeple cross April 10, then the Rev. Frank Logue is shown
praying for God's blessing on the cross during our Palm Sunday worship service, April 13.

site flooded with rain water   Pumping rain water out of the building site  

Rain water flooded the building site on April 9. On April 10, we pumped the water out.

Site preparation for new building   Adding back dirt for the foundation   Preparing the site

Cooper and Sons began preparing for the foundation and slab on April 2.

Tony Miller removing stumps   Tony Miller removing stumps   Tony Miller removing stumps

Tony Miller removing stumps on April 1-2

Scott digging a trench for the silt fence   Gil and Jason installing fence   Gil pounding in a stake on the silt fence

Installing silt fence on March 14.

unloading steel   Griffin watches steel being unloaded through the windows of the present church building   moving steel on our lot

Steel frame unloaded on March 4.

Dump trucks  Dump trucks  Ruts in yard after dirt was hauled in  Loads of dirt with silt fence to prevent erosion
Dump trucks hauled in 52 loads of dirt for the foundation and for use with the septic system.

Burning off limbs   Burning off limbs   Burning off limbs
Land clearing came first for the few trees in the building site.

Before Photos

click for larger before picture
Portion of the building site as it appeared when King of Peace
bought the property on November 1, 2000
This is approximately the view from the church's covered entrance looking toward the altar.

Photo of property on March 7, 1999

A USGS aerial photo of the land on March 7, 1999 (before purchase by King of Peace)
Our property lines are roughly drawn in in yellow. courtesy

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