Kids matter at King of Peace

Raising children is not easy. Especially now with so many of us having to work two jobs or living as a single parent. Parents need all the help they can get. At King of Peace, we want to be a part of the solution. We know that children are not just the future of the church. Children are an important part of the church now.

Are you looking for a safe, nurturing environment for your children to learn more about the Christian faith? King of Peace does not relegate children to a back room staffed by a parade of volunteers. We employee two child care professionals to provide the quality care you should expect for your children.
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As we consider children to be an important part of our church, children’s programs are not an extra thing to offer just to bring the parents in to church. Imaginative programs for children are an important part of what the church offers. We’ve built quality, engaging programs for kids into the DNA of this church, because kids matter at King of Peace.

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