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June 11-15, 2001 was a Kids in the Kingdom Week devoted to the Water of Life. Two- to twelve-year olds explored New Testament stories happening in and around water, including Jesus' baptism and his final breakfast on the beach with his disciples. Look below to see the fun from the week of stories, crafts, songs, games and lots of water. Click on the photos below to see a larger image.

Day Five

Checking Bible maps for a team challenge   Jonna and Hope create stamp art   Trai shows his frame

Courie blowing out birthday candles   Hope and Zane Maloney   Mike and Andrew Morris

Firetruck tour    Firefighter talking to the kids   firefightergregory-s.JPG (11165 bytes)

Stevie Foutier    Splashing in a pool   Nick jumps in a wade pool

Day Four

Jumping in the wade pool    Splashing in the wade pool   Water gun fight

James runs in a water relay race   Blake in a water relay race    Andrew runs in a water relay race

Picking out beads for bracelets   Bracelets   Christian symbols

Jennifer decorates her bell   Griffin decorates a bell   painting a design on a bell    Halie and Devon coloring

Day Three

Classroom time for the day's Bible story   Darla and Elissa working on a craft   The littlest kids made music makers

Jonna reading    Fish crafts    Philicia   Devons snacktime

Getting snacks    God loves you written in Hebrew   John and Jonna working on a craft

The wade pool served as a skirt gun refill station   Skirt gun play    Meredith with a skirt gun   Blake shoots Kason at close range

Day Two

Amber Halsey dressed up in a hula skirt   Craft time   Craft time talk

James working on a craft    Mark at snack time    Amber at snack time

Darla teaching    Devons with her sun visor craft   Hope

playing in the sprinkler    Posing for a group photo in the sprinkler spray

Day One

Singing songs at the opening   Suzanne West working with kids on crafts    Darla Winn working with kids on crafts

Kids working on baptismal signs   Darla Winn with Pre-K and Kindergarteners   Elissa West playing

Kids in a circle during game time   Jalynn Helberg   Griffin and Brittany working on a craft

Snack time   A group sharing a laugh (This is fun stuff)

Brittany in police car   Police car   Jalynn tries on a police helmet    Victoria trying on a police helmet

Officer Robert Maloney came in his police car to talk to the kids about
the role of the police and gave them an inside look at the car.


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