Cumberland Island Wilderness Camping Trip

June 20 - 23, 2005

Day One

Aboard the "Cumberland Queen", waiting to leave    In the front of the boat    Going to Cumberland Island

Lunch on Cumberland    Lunch    Lunch Continued

Arrival at camp and tents set up   Resting on a limb after 3.5 mile hike    Tired but still goofy

Day Two

Hike to Stafford and the Marshside    Trey & Robert beside 300+ year old Live Oak    Huge Live Oak

Jordan and Stephen beside the Wild Horse    Posing with the Wild Horse    Wild Horse, Wilder Scout

Kings Bay across the marsh    Marshside of Cumberland  

Day Three

 4 mile hike on the beach    Start of the beach hike    Live "tailless" Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe crab going the wrong way    Ben & Jordan walking up the back of the back dunes   On top of the back dunesDavid named this dune of hot sand, "Dante's Inferno"    Climbing "Radio Hill" - best cellphone reception   Eastern view from Radio Hill

Walking into the hammock between the back and front dunes    Fastest Armadillo on Cumberland, gone before the shutter click    Deep in the center of the hammock 

Front dunes and the crossing marker    Ben & Jordan at the crossing marker    Pointing out the shrimp boats

Something on the horizon      Ben and his dad

Pictures by Tyler Kunz


Day Four

 Packed up to leave the camp.    3.5 mile hike back to Seacamp Dock    Mr. Fortier & Stephen are already gone

    Finished, back at the Seacamp Dock   

        One last dip in the ocean before we leave


The "Cumberland Adventurers" back home  


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