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Expanding Our Space

Our Sunday services are full and we want to make room for others to join the excitement. We are enclosing the front porch and knocking out a wall to make room for more people to attend King of Peace. Here are photos of the work (oldest photos are at the bottom), which began March 22 and finished April 7. The additional finishing details will be taken care of as we complete our next expansion project—finishing in the garage. We have the building permit for that project and will begin in late April.

Creating a cross for the front of the church   Victoria finishes the paneling   the entrance on Palm Sunday

Finishing paneling and adding the cross on the front of the church completed the project.

Frank Logue paints the new siding   The front of the church

The new siding painted.

Victoria Logue paints the front door   The new front entry completed

The front door being painted and completed.

Our Worship space on Sunday, April 1   Worship space on Sunday, April 1   Fellowship after church with the expanded space

Worship space on April 1 with expansion still in progress.
Seating increased from 50 to 62, with room to fit in as many as 70 chairs as needed.

John and Mike Halsey ripping 2x4s   Mark West drilling a hole for wiring   Mike Morris nails on siding   John Helberg and Mike Halsey install front door locks

On March 28, the front doorway was installed...

Laying out floor boards   Jonna Helberg watches the work    John and Mark cutting boards

...and construction began on the floor.

Taking out another section of wall   Robert Maloney pulling down a section of brick

Taking out bricks was the big muscle-aching task on Monday, March 26

Checking out the next section to go   Mike Halsey and John Helberg pounding out the bricks    John with broken sledgehammer

We kept two sledghammers busy, breaking one handle on a new sledghammer

Robert Maloney taking out the brick   Zane smashing out the bricks

Robert and Zane Maloney worked as a father and son church demolition team

Removing one of the windows   Father and son demolishing a church together

Window removal

Interior wall just prior to removal   exterior view of wall just prior to removal  Robert working on the wall

The wall before and during removal on Monday, March 26, 2001

Exterior of church with new wall going in    view of new work from the road

The exterior view of the new wall going in, before the door was added

John and Mark putting in a window   John Helberg cutting siding   Marck West caulking a new window

Installing windows and cutting siding

John cutting boards to frame in the porch    Dave Lovett checking out the joists in the ceiling    Mark West works on framing a section of porch wall

Framing the wall and checking out joists in the attic

Frank cutting the brick to prepare for wall removal    Frank cutting the brick to prepare for wall removal
Cutting the brick wall to prepare for removal

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