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King of Peace's First Service

On Wednesday, November 1, King of Peace closed on seven acres of property at 6230 Laurel Island Parkway (Colerain Road). That day, a group cleaned and prepared the house for worship. The new property was "christened" that evening with a service of baptism for Emily Gross as a part of King of Peace's first communion service. 34 people turned out for the event.

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The Rev. Frank Logue baptizes Emily, while her parents look on.

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Father Frank and Emily after the service as Emily is presented with a Bible.

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The Rev. John West (at left) came down from Christ Church
on St. Simons Island to take part in the service.

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Part of the group helping themselves to Spaghetti prior to the service.

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Some of the kids in the nursery. More toys and furnishings coming soon.

More photos of the house and land are available online.


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