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Courageous Christians was our week-long experience of visiting Saint Paul and the Underground Church in Rome about the year 64 a.d. Look below for photos and videos of all the fun. The newest photos were added at the top. Click on any photo below to see a larger version of the picture.

Friday Photos and Video - God's Love Is Worth Sharing


The kids try picking up 80 pounds of dirt as a group to get a feel for the pack weight carried by a typical Roman soldier,
then Geoff picks it up himself, showing that it is possible, if difficult.


Thursday Photos - God's Love Saves Us

Geoff teaches the kids how a bucket brigade could save the city in case of fire.

A thief is caught stealing bread at snacktime.
Then the shopkeeper gave him the money to buy the bread from her,
so that he would not have to be punished for his crime.


Wednesday Photos and Video - God's Love Is Always There

A video we created of a favorite song from our Kids in the Kingdom Week


Corey paints and Abi tries "Rat on a Stick" for snack


Tuesday Photos - God's Love Changes Us

In a drama during snacktime,
the Roman Senator Atticus (at left) frees his slave Tullius.


Our oldest Kid in the Kingdom, Janet

Monday Photos and Video - God's Gift of Love


See photos of the awesome Kids in the Kingdom Week 2004 online.

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