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Finding Prayer Beads

showing beads made at King of PeaceKing of Peace does not offer prayer beads for sale over the internet, though Anglican Prayer Beads are widely available. There are many options to choose from when searching at Google. You can also find them at E-Bay with a search on Prayer Beads (though you'll have to sort through the many other types of prayer beads available).

We recommend that you look at the Anglican Prayer Beads made by the Solitaries of DeKoven as this will support these Anglicans in their religious vocation.

Making your own set
Anglican Prayer BeadsPerhaps the most fulfilling option is to make your own set. It is quite easy, we've helped young children make their own at King of Peace. You need a cross, and either five larger beads and 28 smaller ones. Or the cross with one large bead in one style, four large beads in a second style and 28 smaller beads.

Thread both sides of the strand coming from the cross through the first two large beads. Then on each side, string seven smaller beads, a larger bead and seven smaller beads again. You will have used all but the final larger bead. Put both of the two strands together again, and add the last bead, then tie off with a knot, and cut the string close to the knot. You're done. Looking at a picture of the beads as you string your own set will make these directions easier to follow.

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