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The Changing Face of King of Peace

In May and June 2001 volunteers worked to expand the church's worship space to hold more than 100 people. The work has made a dramatic difference that you have to see for yourself. The most recent photos are at the top of this page. Scroll down the page to see earlier phases of work. This page grew too large, and earlier photos of this project have been moved to another page. More photos of King of Peace can also be found in our online scrapbook.

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Carpet an icon cross and other details completed the project in late June.

June cleaning windows after the project   View of the nearly finished worship space   The nearly finished product

Cleaning and the nearly finished space. Just some molding and the carpeting to go.

Victoria and Dan mix the texturing material   Texturing the ceiling    Father Frank texturing the ceiling

Victoria mixes the texture while Dan Randolph and Father Frank spray it on the ceiling.

Dan Randolph sanding    Dan Randolph painting the ceiling   Dan Randolph smiling

Dan Randolph sanding and painting the new worship space.

Mark watches as Celeste muds   JoAnn and Jason watch as Celeste muds    A team takes on the mudding task

The process of mudding the drywall kicks into high gear

Mike Gross puts in the last piece of drywall   Corner beading goes on the edge of the dryall

The last pieces of drywall went in on June 3

Mudding the drywall    Dan Randolph lead the drywall team   Finishing off the drywall work

taping and mudding in the drywall

Cutting boards    Sheetrocking the ceiling    Mark drilling    Hanging ceiling sheetrock

The final pieces of dryall going into the worship space

Primimg the wall

a work crew painting the exterior


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