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The Changing Face of King of Peace—Part I

May 2001 was an exciting month at King of Peace. Both the land and the building underwent some significant changes. Photos of the work are here at this page and at a second page, which shows the later part of the project. More photos of King of Peace can also be found in our online scrapbook. Click on any image below to see a larger version.

Mark and Robert putting up drywall   Putting up ceiling drywall

Putting up more drywall on May 23.

An overall view of the new worship space taking shape    John Helberg works on the electrical lines

An overall view and John Helberg doing electrical work.

The new exterior wall joists going in   Meanwhile, back in the nursery   Kason and James removing wall joists

A look at putting in new joists, taking out old ones, and a view in the nursery during the work.

Dan and Kyle working on the ceiling   Lifting a 144-pound piece of sheetrock to the ceiling    Drwalling the ceiling

A hardworking crew sheetrocking the new ceiling.

Father Frank on joists    Griffin pushes out the door   Robert and Zane nailing plywood flooring   Tom and Robert nailing plywood

Finished joists, pulling out the door and nailing down the plywood flooring in what was the garage area.

Victoria Logue pulling nails   Mark and Tom nailing joists   Tom Campbell hammering bridging

Victoria pulling nails and Mark and Tom installing joists.

Mark removes ceiling boards   Tom removing ceiling boards   Zane Maloney hammering

Mark and Tom remove ceiling boards in the garage area and Zane nailing.

John Helberg fills in form with concrete   John smoothes concrete while Terri and Janet look on

John pours and smoothes a footer under the doorway while Terri and Janet supervise.

Setting the anchor bolts   Harold Watson pouring concrete for anchor bolts   John Helberg sets an anchor bolts
Tom, Harold and John set the anchor bolts in concrete.

Lowering the beam with rope   Victoria and Mark laugh as they look at the downed beam    Lowering a beam in the garage

A major challenge on April 30, 2001 was to safely bring down a very heavy non-structural beam
from the garage ceiling.

Names written on foundation stones   Philicia Randolph signs her name to King of Peace foundation blocks    Tom Campbell removes paneling in the garage

To show that the building blocks that form King of is people, the congregation was invited to right their names on the concrete block foundation in the garage. Our church is being built of living stones.

Harold taking out boards   Mark knocks off brick facade   Harold and Mark working on garage

Harold Watson and Mark West doing some prep work on the garage expansion project.

King of Peace's land after clearing   King of Peace's land after clearing    King of Peace's land after clearing

King of Peace's heavily wooded back five acres have been greatly opened up through
bush hogging the property.

Bulldozing the church yard   Bulldozing the church yard   Bulldozing the church yard

A bulldozer levels the piles of dirt in the church yard to open access to the back five acres of our 7-acre lot.



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