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Kids in the Kingdom—August 2004

click for a larger photoFor our August Kids in the Kingdom Sunday we learned that the Kingdom of God does not work the way the world works. With God, even children can do important things. We talked about Bible stories with children from David defeating Goliath to Samuel and Jeremiah being called by God when they were still children. We also learned about how Jesus taught in the Temple when he was a boy. We made piggy banks, remembering how Jesus would later teach in the Temple that a widow's gift of two small coins was great in the eyes of God. We also made lion and lamb masks as another sign of how God's Kingdom works differently as the lion and lamb lie down together. Thanks to Beverly Vye and Janice and Mike Morris for the craft ideas and help putting them together. Thanks to Victoria Logue for lunch. Click on any photo to see a larger version of it.

drawing on the lion's mane   creating crafts   gluing wool on a lamb's face

Ben creates a unibrow   Andrew posing to look like the Preschool logo   lion mask

making bubbles   On the playground

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