Explore your spirituality at King of Peace

An olive tree in the northern Galilee of IsraelNo matter where you are on your own spiritual journey, King of Peace offers a safe place to ask questions and explore what you believe.

Christianity holds more depth of riches in spirituality than many of us have had the chance to experience. At King of Peace, we will offer opportunities to learn more about how to explore your own spirituality. From centering prayer and the stations of the cross to weekend hikes and canoe trips, there are many ways to experience God in prayer and worship. Come explore the richness of Christianity with us.

One important source of spiritual strength for us is found in the liturgy of the Episcopal Church. Liturgy is a Greek word used to describe the form of worship. It comes from the words laos for people and ergon for work. So liturgy is both the work of the people, what we do as we gather together and the work for the people, what God does for us as we are gathered in worship. One way to prepare for worship is to read the scripture readings ahead of time.

Upcoming Scripture Readings for Worship

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to come and take part. Join us for worship Sundays at 10 a.m. and Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. to continue your journey of faith with us at King of Peace.

Scripture Reading
An important part of spirituality in the Episcopal tradition is the daily reading of scripture. Two methods for doing this are found online. Each use the two-year selection of daily readings from our Book of Common Prayer. By following this reading schedule, you read the Bible in two years. Each of these websites below are a bit complicated, but if you will follow the directions, with a few times use, you will be able to follow the devotions and readings more easily.

Daily Readings Online

Stations of the Cross
On the grounds of King of Peace, we have a set of Stations of the Cross, which may be used for meditation at any time. We also have an online version of the stations for your cyber meditations.

The Labyrinth
We built an ancient prayer tool into the very floor of King of Peace’s worship space, following the pattern of the 12th century labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral. The labyrinth is available on the first Friday of each month and on the following day.

Anglican Prayer Beads
We also have a web page devoted to teaching about Anglican Prayer Beads, a form of contemplative prayer.

The Jesus Prayer
This is a contemplative form of prayer within the tradition of Orthodox churches. Here at King of Peace you will find
an article and a sermon on praying The Jesus Prayer.

Centering Prayer
This is a contemplative form of prayer which is sometimes confused with meditation in other religious traditions, but the desire which animates the prayer—time spent with our creator—is very different and so are its techniques. A brochure in Adobe .PDF format is online here: Centering Prayer brochure.

Rule of Life
One toll important to progressing on your spiritual journey is follow some disciplines, some habits in prayer and reading. One way to encourage this in your own life is to prayerfully create a rule of life in which you decide what patterns of life are meaningful to you. This article tells more about what might go into a rule of life.